Is he really aware what Koku says all the time?

I have been asking myself this question; when do I decipher the comments of a spokesperson as his or that of his boss? I am still not too sure what the answer to that question is. But my little mind tells me that if a spokesperson wants to speak his mind and not that of his boss, he can clearly say so. That way we will not heap unduly blame on the boss.

Now, KokuAnyidoho is the President’s Spokesperson and Director of the Communications Directorate at the Presidency. We all know that. He was widely quoted a few days ago spiting fire and brimstone in the direction of the leadership of the NPP and its presidential candidate, Nana Akuffo-Addo. According to various news sites and indeed sound bites from the interview he granted to London-based Focus Radio, Koku spoke like a typical African man who has power and is warning his rivals to ‘dey gee’, stressing that “we will protect the integrity of the elections, we will go to the elections, and Ghanaians will be safe… Let Akuffo-Addo make any mistake as he professes to be an indigene of Okyeman, Akufo-Addo should dare and also to you Gabby, if you are a real men, make a wrong move in this country and you will see where power lies,”.

Oops! Wow!!

In follow up interviews, he reiterates his threats and I can picture him standing atop a mountain and beating his chest as he says “I have said it”! Koku has come out to say that ‘the President speaks through me”. Of course he does. That is why you are his spokesperson. That is pretty much a commonsense application.

Now I say I do not understand my President. I don’t understand him because he and his appointed Spokesperson are like exact opposites. Whiles my President delights in his adopted title of Asomdwehene and a man of peace who will prefer a dialogue and humble approach to issue, the man he has entrusted his views to seem the exact opposite. It makes me wonder if my President is indeed as peace-loving, humble, religious and kind as we are told to believe or he simply does not have control over people like Koku (and the several others there are!). Time and again we have seen NDC folks throw a lot of crap in the direction of whoever does not agree with them and my President barely whispers a word about their conduct. The impunity with which my President’s appointees spew out crap is so despicable that even revered clergymen are not spared their wrath. Disagree with government or NDC people on the most obvious of flaw and you will first get labeled, and then taken to the cleaners to be given a thorough dress-down. Yet when my President decides to speak about intemperate language and politics of insults and all that comes with it, he gives general advice as though he is totally oblivious to what happens right under his nose.

If my President thinks Koku has been speaking well and that he endorses what he’s been saying then I will encourage him to continue looking on in such loud silence. If that is the case then I can only say ‘hmmmm!’ On the other hand if he disagrees with Koku’s approach to effective communication and is appalled at his utterances like most people, including the reasonable ones in the NDC are, then since he does not like firing people, at least he should call him to order. I am looking forward to seeing a government in Ghana one day where the leadership will dismiss people like Koku and his likes for talking ‘by-heart’.

I want to understand my President. Right now, I don’t understand my President.

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