Everyone Wants to go to Parliament! WHY?


I put this statement and question up on social media sites Facebook  (Kwame Gyan) and Twitter (@KwameGyan) and below are some of the responses I got. Some are funny, some are intriguing, some came from angry Ghanaians and some came from folks who are so tired they wouldn’t be bothered. All the emotions though speak a lot about how we perceive our politicians. From the below, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that we think of our politicians and MPs as self-centred, greedy, corrupt and dishonest.

Read on;

1. Gh8,200 multipled by 4yrs along side other allowances and finally ex gratia.

2. Ghana is hard now. Every one is looking for where they can chop

3. Politics in Ghana is the easiest way to fame, wealth and power. No wonder everybody is rushing to be an MP.

4. Because u get tax payers money to chop with questioning

5. To transform lives (theirs)!

6. The easiest way to employment and riches in Ghana

7. Because it’s the easiest job that requires no particular qualification, just be a party’s communicator for some years and you’re good to go.

8. At least you won’t go on strike before your ex-gratia is paid.

9. I believe one day parliament would not be as lucrative as it is right now, if only the benefits associated with being MP is slashed into two.

10. You need no qualification but you can easily become a Deputy Minister

11. Cos you get to be paid monthly for doing nothing. You also get your 4yrs rent in bulk. And they call you honourable for being dishonest.

12. Na der better chop dey without account!

13. There are no SMART people hence looking for cheap salary……they know their job will be secured for four years without being fired….not to talk of their corrupt moves there.

14. Money dey there!!!

15. Kwame all because of edidigya

16. There sweet

17. Big question but 3 answers for me; 1: the young ones think the older generation has failed us. 2. Some young ones also think they are better than those currently in the mix. The third one which may be quite unfortunate is that we are all greedy and selfish and see that route as the easiest to satisfying that desire. “I go to parliament, my party wins and I have a big shot to some “juicy” ministerial post. But truth is it isn’t juicy at all. Lol

18. Just like everyone wants to be a lawyer. I wonder!

19. They want to go and EAT the moni som……

20. They want to secure their “stomachs”

21. Privileges committee abi

22. The perks are too good to ignore

23. John Dumelo will be in a better position to answer that question. And he had the nerve to say “leading NDC members wants me to lead my people”…uummm nigga who’s your people????

24. Greed!

25. Ex-gratia

26. 1.Honourable 2. Chop chop 3. Ministerial opportunity 4. Ex-gratia

27. Because Parliament does not go to everyone. 😜😜

28. I don’t just understand it? Even the dumb want to be a lawmaker. It’s high time Ghanaians get these politicians to understand we have standards.

29. Obiaaa k3k3,  that’s even the most annoying part

30. After tasting Power by appointment, they don’t want to be disappointed in opposition without an appointment hence the decision to seek election as Parliamentarians which guarantees them 4 years.

31. Smart way to public purse…..

32. Ask John Dumelo

33. It is a stepping stone to a Ministerial position, ie, if your party or a party you are aligned to is in government!

34. Guys don’t be cynical. They can swear that they want to sacrifice for their constituencies and country. They are spending all these monies to serve their country. Now, isn’t that a noble cause?

35. It’s all about the money period.

36. Asem ooo

37. Barton oduro is safe there…..

38. I think it’s got something to do with our democratic status.

39. Chop make I chop

40. Better conditions of service…chief!

41. Something dey there…

42. Abi we know dada. 

43. Sake of Ghana money wey dem want chop nyafunyafu

44. Those there have successfully created and solidified the impression that everyone can be there. You need nothing to be there. That’s all. Beyond that the benefits are ‘chaw’….

45. Fixed income, good conditions of service, ex gratia….make I continue?

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