Introducing Shata Wale Music Awards by Shata Wale for Shata Wale at Korle Gonno


Now wouldn’t that be an absolute banger to honour the Dancehall King’ inna de hole Ghana’? I bet it would be.

And it would be quite simple too. The criteria will include the following:

1. Shata Movement 4 Lyf  (SM4LYF) fans will constitute the electoral college 
2. The only artist in the competition will be Shata Wale himself – the one and only 
3. Fans will vote for;
– Shata song of the year
– Shata video of the year
– Shata slow track of the year
– Shata fast track of the year
– Shata colloboration of the year
– Shata fan of the year
4. On the event night, the only artist to perform will be, that’s right, Shata Wale
5. The event will be free because Shata ‘lov dem fans to da bone’

Snap out of it guys!

There will be no such awards – at least not just yet. But what will be happening in the next couple of weeks or so will be a determination by the Board of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards to either accept the submissions of Shata Wale for the 2016 VGMA  and go on to nominate him or not. This should ideally not be an issue. However the young man has been reckless over the past few years. Let me attempt to narrate his sins:

1. Insulted Kakie, denigrated the awards when he was side stepped a few years ago. He then apologized and was considered subsequently

2. Then he refused to show up even though he won, then wrote another song to diss the awards, and everyone involved

3. On the day of the last awards in 2015 he organized his own show just to spite the VGMA

4. Then he and his manager put the awards he had won previously on auction…at ghc5 or so. He said the awards meant nothing to him

5. Now he is back claiming that “his fans” want him to take part. The awards mean nothing to him, it means everything to his fans.

See how naughty Shata Wale has been? The awards that don’t mean absolutely anything to him, is what he now wants to be recognised with. In fact, even when he was talking nonsense about the VGMA, he had ‘VGMA Artiste of the Year’ on one of his social media bios. Yes I am told Shata has a new management and that’s supposed to change somethings around the eccentric artiste but we all know Shata likes to be in control. He feels invincible and loves the idea that he is lord over his Movement and all those young men and women who will do whatever he tells them.

If I had a vote like the way Francis Doku and Nii Ayi Tagoe and Mark Okraku-Mantey and the other members of the VGMA Board do, I will say dump Shata Wale’s submission forms into a bin. He has not done enough to deserve the respect of that award to his craft. He says  it is his fans who want it. Absolute balderdash. His fans have no say in what he does. He does what he wants and the fans support regardless. We read from the fans when he was fooling. Those fans will support him even if he strips naked on a stage. Until he truly shows remorse, ignore him.

The Ghana Music Awards have grown and become bigger than any act. Yes, I said so. You can get your top ten acts of the year and if they all decide to withdraw from the awards, it won’t kill it. Folks like Kanye West have tried to rubbish the Grammy before but they always go home and punch their wall why they have not been recognised. See, every human being appreciates recognition and the VGMA represents the only credible scheme to reward our musicians.

Or perhaps we will indeed see the introduction of the Shata Wale Music Awards by Shata Wale for Shata Wale at Korle Gonno?

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