Decemba 2 Rememba and 1017 Laughs & Music

Now this is a difficult piece to write.

First of all, one of them was sponsored by my 8-5 and I was the team lead from our side in putting it together. The other was sponsored by a rival company. See my supposed dilemma?

But, I have been told, and I have etched it in my head, that one of my attributes as a blogger and journalist is my unbiased posture and my rather silly habit of telling it as it is. So, I shall tell this as it is.


I have been involved with this event from when I was a broadcast journalist with CITI FM in 2005 and I must say it has really failed to impress. The challenge the show has always had (and this turns into a plus sometimes too) is the fact that it has a fixed date and time and venue. So what happens is that if one of the hitmakers of a particular year happens to have his own show or some gig elsewhere, then the adorable jeans and white top clad audience are left to miss such acts.

So for example this year missed out on Sarkodie and Shatta Wale and Samini and a few others. That notwithstanding, the rest of the hitmakers ensured that the reputation of D2R was maintained. Act after act performed awesomely. Manifest, Gasmilla, Tiffany, Bisa K dei, Guru, my boy EL, Castro, Tic Tac and who else…?

Joey B!

Now, this dude is not your out and out killer performer. And he doesn’t exactly have a large repertoire to hold down an audience. But he has TONGA! Apparently as at December 24th when the show came off, that single was just about a week old but yet it seems to have run on to become the biggest joint this season. Seriously it’s made all of Shatta’s tunes sound archaic; made Castro’s Odo Pa sound average and surely made Fuse ODG’s Badder than Bad sound like an average tune. I am told Tonga has some crazy, sexually suggestive meaning but hey it is a great tune and all we want is Tonga abi….?

It was my best D2R and it was more fun with the introduction of the audience interaction via twitter and the #D2R2013 hash-tag. It’s interesting how technology is changing lots of things around us. I love it.

1017 Laughs & Music

Has this series ever disappointed? Methinks not. It has always been on point and Charterhouse has mastered the art of putting that gig together. Eddie Kadi was awesome as a comic MC and the array of talent available simply made it a worthwhile evening. Senator, Salvador, Akpororo, Bovi, and of course the sexy Efya and Steve Bedi were awesome on the night.

Charterhouse seems to be liking the rock band they have now used at least twice. Seriously the guys play beautiful music but chale wanna people are not at home with plenty guitar and drums and the noise rock comes with. The guys could have endeared us on to themselves a bit more if they played at least one rock song we know…Aerosmith on my mind here.But I had mad fun at both events and surely they have become permanent fixtures of my Christmas season.


I have written a few times on the absence of proper and adequate auditorium for events in Ghana.

The stadium has come in handy but that one has its own challenges. Very soon the National Sports Authority will say no especially as we continue to mess the playing surface up. Aside that, our erratic weather makes it unsuitable for gigs all year round. Plus, an event like the 1000 Laughs series can simply not be held outdoors like that.Chale, it’s a massive investment but one that I am sure could yield a lot of dividend if entered into. We need some good auditorium in this country.

The Conference Centre is tired. Mind us, it was not built for concerts. At the rate it is used it will soon start breaking up in pieces and you and I know how distasteful our maintenance culture is.The National Theatre is also stressed like that. Plus both venues are not exactly big either. Both take less than 2000. We have had issues with bad ventilation and horrible scenes in the washroom of both places.

It is about time….!

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