The Nonsense of our Time

I am told I come across as an angry fellow sometimes. Not exactly true. But tell me, what would you do when you saw before your own eyes a grown up man doing the sort of things you will not see a smart 12 year old do, like yanking out his thing and peeing on a wall in the full glare of the world? Wouldn’t you flip too? Ghana is that old, and we have leaders and people who seem really smart but somehow always succeed in doing the sort of things you wouldn’t expect them to.

Taxes on everything taxable whiles we remain at sea over what our current taxes are used for…oh and I do pay a lot of tax

Over the past few weeks we have heard the introduction of a lot of taxes. I understand we either have already or soon will be getting taxes on wellington boots and cutlasses tax, condoms tax, talk tax, rent tax or something like that and it seems we should expect more. I know taxes serve as an important source of revenue for government. But i also know that the tax loopholes are so many and so big that very few of us pay our taxation system. I would probably complain less if I knew what the taxes are currently pay are used for and perhaps why I should pay more. Our roads are terrible, we have ‘dumsor’ that does not seem to want to go away, i have never had water flow in my pipe before, and so on and so forth. All I see around me are rich politicians, and their fablously rich wives and girlfriends. I am told Britain, or perhaps i should say England has some of the most rigid tax regimes in the world. But folks who have been to England tell me the systems there work. If a man gets sick he is sure that when he dials 911 an ambulance will not be too far away; the working woman knows that the train arrives at the train station at the advertised time; the pensioner knows that the state will take care of him.

Systems simply work, that’s all!

Reckless spend of state money through GYEEDA and the niggling fear that we won’t get our cash back nor prosecute the alleged thieves

Regardless of what some stubborn government mouths will say, Mannaseh Awuni and other media folks forced the Minister of Youth and Sports to set up that committee which has resulted in that sickening revelation. Reports have it that RLG Communications Limited, Craftpro, Asongtaba Cottage Industry and Exchange Programme, Goodwill International Group, Better Ghana Management Service, a subsidiary of Zoomlion Company Limited, and Zoomlion itself have collectively managed to allegedly steal some GHC203 Million using GYEEDA, AKA National Youth Employment Programme as a willing conduit.

I heard a man was sentenced to FIVE years in jail for stealing a pregnant goat. We will be lucky if these folks are forced to refund these monies. Those of you having wet dreams of a possible prosecution of all those indicted by this report had better wake up because I am doubtful if it will happen. I pray I am shamed and surprised.

The planting of undue fear in the populace via some silly call for peace by folks who seem to have nothing to do

I find the several so-called clarion calls for peace after the Supreme Court verdict as unnecessary and a rather uncalled-for attempt at sowing undue fear. Come on, we all watched the proceedings; we are all aware of the arguments made, and we all know that at the end of the day a ruling will be made for one party in the dispute. Yes, some people are stupid and will want to ferment trouble. There are also criminally minded folks who will want to take advantage of situations to cause trouble. But I believe that the majority of us will want to keep the peace. However, yelling from roof tops that ‘don’t fight oooooo after the judgment’ is getting too much.
Will you go slap or stab your NDC paddie (that is if you are NPP) or stab your NPP paddie (if you are NDC) because the ruling did not favor you? I don’t think. Encourage peace, but remember we are not at war!

Ghanaians and ‘ahosheshe’

I heard Auntie Lizzy’s grandson and his wife had a son and the whole world went gaga! Ghanaians on social media also felt the urge to join in the fray. My question was, and still is, “what has that got to do with us”? There were a lot of loud wannabes making noises as though they were in Eton College or Wetherby School with him, but I dare say a chunk of these people had paid several visits to the gates of the UK High Commission but being denied visas each time. Do we not have enough issues here to excite us and pain us and annoy us that we should add issues about “did you see what Kate was wearing”, to our problems?


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