Say No to Ethnocentric Mongering Bigots 

​Like play like play we are allowing tribalism to rear its ugly head in our lives? You think it’s only in politics and in the run up to the elections eh? 
Wait until your boss at work starts to harass you because you are that tribe and not this one. 
Wait until you walk into a club, pub, restaurant and because you are that tribe and not this tribe you are treated worse than a used diaper from a baby with diarrhoea. 
Wait until the next girl or guy you ask out rub it in your face over how she simply can’t be with you because you are that tribe and not this tribe.
Wait until at the very last stage of a job interview some other tribalistic bigot denies you a role you are best fit for because you are this tribe and not that tribe.
Wait until your 7 year old returns from school and asks you, “Daddy, Mummy why did Ms. Bouquet tell me that my tribe people are useless”; simply because you are this tribe and not that tribe.
Wait until the market woman refuses to sell you her wares because you are this tribe and not thst tribe.
Just wait.
These politicians need you to retain them in power or to vote them into power. That’s all they care about and they will stop at nothing in getting that Vote. So what they are doing is to hit our heads together. 
When you pause and think about what they say and the examples they give you will realise it makes absolutely no sense. But we have allowed them to toy with our brains such that we fail to use them. We have ceded our rights to think to them and they are toying with them as they please.
Look around you….
How many of your friends or the people you know are not from that tribe they tell you hates you, or they tell you to hate? How many times haven’t you shared a laughter, a drink, a seat, a suggestion, a meal or a tear with that person whose tribe you have been told is second class, arrogant, worthless? 
You didn’t have an Ewe teacher ever? 

What about an Akan one? 

A Ga one?

A Northern one?
They even make us call some people NORTHERNERS! Is that a tribe? Do we have a tribe called Northerners in Ghana? Oh or we have SOUTHERNERS as a tribe too?
You have read this epistle. You understood it. Meaning you have some good level of education. Imagine you the one with education who has read and understood this falling for this nonsense….
Now what should those without education and a fair mix of social interactions through primary school, junior high school, senior high school, university/tertiary do? You lived with people of all tribes through school and know that tribes mean or should mean little, but you fan ethnocentric behaviour. What will those without school do.
Think of your life after December 7th and say no to Ethnocentric Mongering Bigots.

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