Read this story carefully: You PERSONALLY know who it’s about

So my neighbour promised to sell me baby clothes, baby food and toys at bargain prices if I allowed him impregnate my wife… I agreed… Even though I had initially gone to his house to ask him for jobs for my four grown children. To that request he promised to give me some of his excess food for free to feed them, an offer that was still predicated on my allowing him impregnate my wife.

Meanwhile I had farmland as far as the eye could see, land that had rivers powerfully flowing through it, but somehow I couldn’t figure out that the land I had was a source of food, and on those rivers I could build dams to irrigate the land and generate electricity, and with electricity I could build factories, in those factories my children could work and make products which I could sell to my neighbour at prices which would not only feed my children but clothe, educate, treat, protect and entertain them.

Somehow it alluded me that I could actually help myself. So instead I allowed my neighbour impregnate my wife. And when he did it, he insisted his sister live in my house to care for my wife during the pregnancy, and she brought a helper with her, who had to come with her own three children. And I had no choice since I needed the free food offered for my four grown children.

I received just enough to feed them for a week… And when it was finished, I returned back to my neighbour to ask for more. This time he asked for some of my land in exchange. I had plenty so I quickly gave him and he gave me just enough food in return. Somehow I became inebriated by greed and without the knowledge of my wife or children, I kept some of the food for myself, an act so ironic because I actually went back to my neighbour and begged him to keep it hidden for me, to which my neighbour agreed and charged me some of my land as his fees for keeping part of the food he had initially given me, for me.

This exchange happened over and over again until one day I woke up and found out that my land, my wife and my children, directly and indirectly belonged to my neighbour. And I who was once free was now unconsciously enslaved by my neighbour…

My name is Africa and you just might have met my neighbour… He smiles a lot, perfectly mannered and always says he comes in peace with a pocketful of charity and a trailer loaded with human rights.

(Writer unknown)


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