How Do You Sleep?

I mean those that continue to defend the incompetent way this crisis is managed. How do you sleep? How do you go to bed knowing you are defending a lie?

When you shut your eyes in the darkness of your room how do you feel? What goes through your mind?

When sweat drips from your forehead and armpit and soaks your bedsheets and pillows, how does that make you feel?

The small boys doing propaganda here please help me understand how you manage to marry your predicament with that of the President and his Ministers who have power 24 hours a day and sleep with their AC turned on, homes lighted and on top of it, armed police at the gates. How do you feel?

You are ok with the occasional 10k cedis contract you get when others make the 300 million dollars? You are happy when your coordinator texts you your 50 cedis monthly airtime and the 500 cedis pay you get a month? That’s all it takes?

Seriously I want to understand because there are boys I was in school with whom I knew were smart but somehow they manage to say things that make me wonder if they are the same guys I thought I knew. So tell me, how do you feel?

I want to understand. Because I know some of you are very smart but somehow you don’t seem to consult your brains on this matter. What’s the party done for you that makes you feel such a strong sense of loyalty to it at the neglect of your country.  I want to understand.

Honestly I want to understand. I want to understand so that I may even join you to do some. But first, I want to understand. Or I don’t need to understand before I join you?

****where is my papa…back to fanning myself

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