Forgotten Stories

By the time you read this the Supreme Court would have spoken its mind and Ghana will still be standing because we really have no other option as a people. None.

Matters like the election petition always succeed in taking our minds off from previous stories that were hitherto accepted as being very important. Let me say this in some other way; it seems to me that the attention span of our media is relatively short. Very short in fact. Others how does one explain their inability to follow up several stories to their ultimate conclusions?

Let’s try a recap of some stories. First of all I don’t have the best of memories so I am sure you could fill in a lot more than what I will put out here;

1. Hyundai Troopers at the Local govt Institute – what happened to all the costs we incurred from Kufuor’s time and the attempts to pay or not to pay some judgment debt.

2. Woyome, Isofoton and their relatives – this was not that old but it surely is not getting any piece of our media pie, is it?

3.66 parcels of cocaine that vanished as though David Copperfield had appeared at our Harbour – I did my Masters’ degree thesis looking at this case. Of course it is dead and buried now without a trace of the drugs.

4. NDC’s new offices at Adabraka – well, is that structure for the NDC? Is there even a structure like that? Anyone?

5. Anas Aremayaw Anas’ stories – typically we touched and left virtually all of Anas’s stories. Late President Mills made it a point to suprise organizations that Anas visited but all to what end? Remember the story about our cocoa carried to Ivory Coast by border security; the CEPS guys we saw extorting monies, the guys dealing in fake gold; that ‘doctor’ who was having sex ‘by heart’ with his victims before aborting them; etc. Anas is a hero who should have been the route through which massive changes should occur in Ghana but what do we see?

6. Jungle gold – the Minister for Mines was yelling hoarse about that documentary the adventurers from the US filmed for their global audience. We asked several questions such as who permitted them, why were they allowed in, who gave them concessions, etc. Did we get any answers? I didn’t.

7. STX – remember? So what really happened? What’s the true story? Who chopped what? Why didn’t things get sorted?

8. NPP’s affordable housing – are the houses still under construction? Did the NPP really sell to only their families? Are squatters still living there?

9. The South Africans supposed to build affordable houses – ermmmm what happened to that one too?

10. Merchant Bank and some over the top loans – well we did hear that the bank gave a lot more loan to one person than they were legally allowed to? Or? I am not making this up, am I?

11. Mabey and Johnson – this story reared its heard in 2009 thereabouts and it has also died a natural death and the various actors have received new posts and are picking huge salaries…again!

12. Mills’ health and events thereafter – I can hear some people muttering that we should let sleeping dogs lie and that we should not speak about the dead and so on and so forth. Well, our ‘fama nyame’ attitude is legendary, we all know that. However let’s remember that we as a state go to great lengths to ensure that our leaders are well protected, comfortable and healthy to run the affairs of this nation. If we have loopholes in that system which may have led to all that happened I think we have a right to know.

13. Expired chlorine at Weija – remember when some lower rung staff got punished and their bosses remained in office? How did that story end? Surely there wasn’t some anti-climax, was there?

14. Leaked tapes – how many have we seen in recent times…Sammy Awuku, Sir John, NDC Organizer, Baba Jamal, name them. The saga of the tapes shall be with us for a longer time.

15. Tehoda the policewoman – I haven’t heard about this case in a while. So who helped the alleged criminal while she was in custody, I mean the Janet character. What was or was not Tehoda’s role? Where is she now? What has happened to that case?

16. Cocaine turning into soda – I have lost count of how many of such instances we have had. Dead cases all through and through.

17. Melcom Disaster and AMA’s directive on high rise buildings – who bore the final blame of that disaster? What are the key learnings? What happened to the AMA’s attempts at inspecting such buildings? A case of lip service?

Thanks to soldiers like Manasseh Awuni, I believe GYEEDA will not die like these ones have. GYEEDA won’t be an elephant in the room. I only pray that the media helps to keep this afloat.

So with my weak memory I have recalled these. I pray our media just don’t move forward like some train without breaks whiles disregarding all other issues. I must say the media, who are expected to be gate keepers of our society tend to behave like spoilt kids presented with new toys; they just disregard the old ones and move on with the new until a newer one comes along.

Folks, we need to keep our leaders on their toes. The media has a huge role, and so do we all.

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