A Birthday Message for a 58 year old called Ghana

Happy Birthday Ghana.

I was contemplating whether it’s a happy celebration or one of nostalgia and despair. To be honest, it may be both, and more.

Last year at this same time in wishing us a Happy Birthday I did say to is that we may have come far but the journey ahead of us is farther.
It makes absolute sense to wonder what’s there to celebrate especially if you are probably reading it from the confines of the sweltering heat of your room with the battery of your phone showing 3% power.

It makes sense to wonder what’s there to celebrate when our leaders haven’t done enough but will scream about the little, mediocre contribution they have made out of the gargantuan ones they could have made.

It all makes sense.

But I am proud of the growth we have made in one area: we now question our leaders and demand from them a level of accountability they are not used to. Over the past year we have asked our leaders to tell us why we are in a mess, to tell us how they intend to fix the mess, to ask them questions we hitherto wouldn’t ask perhaps because we cared less or we were afraid of the power we have given those leaders.

As we celebrate one year older let us grow in confidence and demand more from those we have entrusted our nation to and the others who seek to earn that trust. Let’s question them. They afraid dress not gods or demi gods.
We have questioned why we have failed to get adequate power in this country, fantastic!

We have questioned why the economy is in a mess and why is not working, great!

We have asked why we misapplied funds and why someone should keep a car because he feels he must reward himself, awesome!

We have asked how much we spend what we spend on one football team and someone got irked because he didn’t know we could ask, good!

We have questioned several things but there’s a lot more to question because our leaders are not doing us a favour. We didn’t beg them to offer themselves to serve. They offered to serve. They should serve. If they can’t serve and want us to serve them we should show them the door.

As we celebrate 58 years of freedom, let’s remind those leading us and those who wish to lead us that the legacy of Nkrumah and the infrastructure he left us are still useful to us even as we struggle to remember what it is that the many that have come after him have left for us.

Happy Birthday Ghana

Let us grow and to continue to question our leaders and ourselves.

Let us grow and in doing so put Ghana ahead of whatever political party we may or may not belong to.

Let us grow in our minds and hearts and be bold to ask our leaders whether their actions are worthy of a positive case study or not.

Let us grow in the love we have for this land.

Happy 58th Birthday Ghana.

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